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Yesterday the Department of Education issued guidance for full opening of special schools and other specialist settings.

Our managing director explores why using alcohol-free sanitiser may be best for environments with unique and complex requirements.

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With hand sanitisers becoming a necessity amid the global Coronavirus pandemic, we believe that there’s still a lot of misunderstanding about what makes an effective hand sanitising solution. Due to World Health Organization guidelines the majority of people incorrectly believe that using a high alcohol concentration is the only effective way to deal with Coronavirus, but this isn’t necessarily the case! In this blog; we explore the negative effects of alcohol-based sanitisers and why going alcohol-free can actually be better!

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With the spread of Coronavirus there is a lot of bad information out there and this includes the advice to use only alcohol based sanitisers. Alcohol based sanitisers at either 40% or 80% ethanol are still not as effective as our alcohol free sanitiser. Rigorous testing has meant our sanitiser complies to BS/EN 14476 which is the standard European testing for virucidal effectiveness. We are currently undergoing testing to certify against Coronavirus and will add this to our list of certifications alongside the testing to kill Ebola. Alcohol based sanitisers are better than nothing but they are not as effective as...

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