Unscented Hand Sanitiser Refill 5 Litre

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'Use with our 600ml pump or to refill a foaming dispenser'

Serenity Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser is one of the most effective products available killing 99.9999% of bacteria and protecting for at least 6 hours after a single use which prevents re infection.

Tested to kill Norovirus and resistant strains of bacteria including the ' 'superbug' MRSA and Clostridium Difficile our formulation out performs traditional alcohol based gels by a wide margin while being safe to use as often as required. 

Repeated use of alcohol sanitiser can cause damage to the skin and potentially cracking which allows another point of entry for pathogens. Alcohol sanitisers are also highly flammable and cases have been reported where consumption of these has lead to alcohol poisoning and even death. Our products contain no alcohol and no cancer causing Triclosan.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Reduced Packaging
  • Fully compliant with EU Biocide Regulations
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001
  • Tested to be safe on skin
  • Not harmful to plants or animals

Using the latest Advanced Barrier Technology, Serenity Hand sanitiser not only provides rapid kill against bacteria and viruses, but continues to work for at least 6 hours after the initial application protecting against recontamination.

  • Kills 99.9999% of Bacteria including resistant strains
  • Remains effective for at least 6 hours after application
  • Kills Norovirus the winter vomiting bug 
  • IHF Halal Approved for use in religious institutions
  • Perfect for schools, hospitals, vets and prisons
  • Kills MRSA, E.Coli & Salmonella within 30 seconds
  • Tested BSEN 1500 for assured quality
  • Leaves hands feeling soft and clean
  • Alcohol Free, Skin Safe use as often as needed

Unlike alcohol based hand sanitisers our formulation is non flammable and completely skin safe so is ideal for educational environments, hospitals, and religious institutions where alcohol is prohibited.

 Unscented and gentle to the skin.

Instructions for use:

Apply one pump (sparingly) of foam onto hands. Rub into.hands for 10 – 15 seconds covering all areas to complete sanitising and allow to dry.