Alcohol Free Antibacterial Patient Wipes

  • 6 hours bacterial protection after use
  • Kills Norovirus, E.Coli, MRSA & 99.999% of harmful bacteria
  • Strong, large wipe in refillable tub. Fully biodegradable.
  • No alcohol, triclosan or harmful chemicals

Antibacterial Alcohol-Free Patient Wipes

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  • Alcohol Free, Non Flammable & Safe
  • Gentle to skin, protects for hours after use
  • Kills C.Difficile , MRSA , Legionella, Salmonella & Norovirus
  • x200 Wipes Per Tub
  • 99.9999% Effective against Bacteria

Serenity Antibacterial Patient Wipe is an Alcohol Free advanced wipe, that is manufactured to contain one of the fastest acting and most powerful germ killing properties available today being effective within 30 secs and killing 99.999% of bacteria.

Using the latest Advanced Barrier Technology Serenity Bactericidal Wipes not only provide rapid kill against Bacteria & Viruses, but provide a residual barrier onto the skin that continues to work for at least 6 hours

Serenity Wipes are effective against viruses and are independently tested to destroy Norovirus within 30 seconds. Serenity Bactericidal Wipes kill 99.9999% of bacteria, including E. Coli, salmonella, MRSA, C.Difficile and Legionella. With zero alcohol content and no odour, they are suitable to be used around babies, children and the elderly. In a convenient and easy-to-use format, they are ideal for fast and hygienic cleaning. Furthermore, Serenity Bactericidal Patient Wipes are tested to be skin safe, non flammable and biodegradable.

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