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10 Day Surface Sanitiser

Antiviral – Antibacterial – Antifungal

The Most Advanced Surface Sanitiser in the UK Up to 10 Days continuous protection against Coronaviruses, Norovirus and more. No other sanitiser can do this!
This is the first product tested to new ASTM E 2180 standards to provide residual protection from dangerous viruses on surfaces.
VIRESIST remains active for up to 10 days after application and is effective against the most common germs and viruses including SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus) , MRSA, Hepatitis B&C, Norovirus & Ebola.

10 Day
Surface Protection

Less chance of recontamination and transmission between people.

Effective on

Viresist has been tested to the highest international standards to give you confidence.

Recyclable &

Available in 5L & 1L recyclable bottles with reusable 750ml and 300ml sprays.

Available in:

300ml Spray


750ml Spray



Featured Product
FlairSpray bottles have the benefits of a pressurised aerosol, but is refillable, reusable and can even be used upside down for getting to those hard to reach areas.
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About Serenity

Serenity Hygiene was formed in 2015 to bring the most effective hygiene and cleaning products to our customers while ensuring the highest ethical standards.
Our brand has grown in the past few years and represents quality and value across many market sectors including the most demanding industries such as healthcare, education and marine industries. Serenity is trusted by medical practitioners, veterinarians, teachers and emergency services to protect against the most dangerous bacterial and virucidal threats.
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What we stand for:

We are an ethical company and thats not just a sound bite for us. We believe there is always room for improvement and every product is developed with this in mind.

  • Sustainability
    We are constantly looking at ways to reduce our environmental impact through reduced, repurposed or recycled packaging. Our plastic bottles are recyclable and we encourage our customers to refill when empty as this saves both money and packaging. Refills are available for our hand sanitiser, surface sanitiser and wipes range.
  • Welfare
    None of our products are tested on animals, we will never move from this position and all of our products are vegan friendly. We actively promote alcohol free hand sanitisers, not just because they are more effective than the alcohol based variety, but also because they are safer for you and your skin.
  • Quality of service

    From our customer service to our products we believe in giving you the best possible experience. Our products are extensively tested to international standards the results of which are available on request. We do not deal in inferior ingredients or low quality products so you can be confident that a Serenity product will do exactly what it’s supposed to.

  • Community
    At Serenity we are proud to support various charities either close to us personally or that we feel can benefit from the properties of our products.

Proud supporters of:

What our customers say.

Brilliant company and products. I use their surface spray and hand sanitisers every day. Swift delivery too which is always a bonus!

Candice Hutchison –

Our Customers

We work with forward thinking companies and organisations who want the best from their sanisiting products.

What our customers say.

“As a health care worker, I’ve been using sanitizing personal hygienic products quite a lot during my work and also at home. Alcohol gels are great but with my sensitive skin, I wasn’t able to use them as much.

For people with skin like mine, high volume of hand washing leads to skin cracks and impossibility of using alcohol based products.“

Barbora Hatlapatkova –